From reader who writes…

I have loved books since I was a child as I believe words have the capacity to create empathy, deepen imagination and – most importantly – totally delight. 

Because I wanted to play in this sandbox too, I have also been writing for a long time.  In second grade, I was master of the short story.  In college, I penned diary entries and term papers.  In my career as a nonprofit consultant, my writing has taken the form of memos, reports, and emails.   Parenting demands writing too…mostly myriad texts to set up play dates and carpools.

To writer who reads…

When my eldest son entered middle school, I sent an email to a friend with the subject heading: Words are escaping me… A decade of working motherhood had obliterated my reading self and created a writer whose communication was functional and terse.  My joy in words had all but disappeared.  And I felt it.

About three years ago I decided to change it up.  Not only did I return to reading, but I started writing again.  For fun.  Mostly essay and personal narrative, but even – occasionally – a poem or two.  I have slowly begun to put those pieces of writing out in the world.  I believe in the power of writing to explain and explore the many ways in which are connected to one another.  I write to remind us that, fundamentally, we are not alone.